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Why Choosing a Reliable Online Casino is Important

Unfortunately, you can’t tell from the website whether an online casino is fair or not. Every top-rated Australian online casino claims to be trustworthy in 2020, to do everything for the player and to be happy when someone wins a big prize.

But how great is that joy when you have to wait weeks for your money or worse, you don’t receive anything at all. Or you think you’ve found a nice online casino that packs you right in with a high no deposit bonus or welcome bonus. While you find out later that you can’t get a payout at all.

There are also ones who put stolen casino games on their website. Not your problem you would think, huh? Well, those games adapt them in such a way that you can’t possibly win. Your details. Sold to the first best buyer. And then to anyone else who’s interested. The result: every day you’ll be called by call centres and your mailbox will be filled with spam.

It should be clear: choosing a good online casino is very important.

Safe Online Gambling, Where to Recognize By

Just as there are good and bad people, there are also unreliable and reliable online casinos. But how can you tell the two apart? There are a few ways you can see that an online casino is reliable:

– The age of the online casino: the longer a casino exists the more reliable it is. If it’s known that an online casino is making a mess, then it will go bankrupt very quickly.
– Licenses: Licences from countries such as the UKCG (United Kingdom), MGA (Malta) and the CuraƧao Egaming (Netherlands Antilles) are trustworthy. The more licenses an online casino has, the more reliable it is, because this means that the company has to structurally meet tough conditions.
– Return to player: an online casino can decide for itself how high (or how low) the return to player is set. For slots enthusiasts, this is an important point. Not every casino publishes the RTP. This is a sign on the wall that the casino in question has something to hide. You shouldn’t play at this one.
– Https connection: almost all online casinos can only be reached via an https connection. This is an encrypted connection that processes payments and account information. If it doesn’t go through an encrypted connection, hackers can easily steal your data.

By looking closely at these 4 elements you will know exactly which online casinos are reliable.

Games on Offer

If there are no funny games to play, why on earth would you play at that casino? It’s not the most important point. The offer of more casino games does not automatically mean a better casino.

Factors such as reliability, user-friendliness and speed of payouts should also be good. The offer of an internet casino can vary tremendously, yet you can think of:

Punto Banco
Sports bets
Video Poker

The games that a reliable online casino has are not theirs and are not made by them. The game vendors – software vendors – make these casino games and “rent” them to the casino as it were. In order to offer these games the casino must pay money to these suppliers.

It goes without saying that the number of games and the number of players that have an online casino often overlap. In general, a small casino has fewer games, because they can’t cough up the high costs for many games.

The live casino is there to bring the real casino feeling to the internet. There are several game suppliers that offer a live casino with the well known table games and a ‘spin-off’ from them.

The largest providers of live casino are Evolution Gaming and NetEnt. These two giants give many players around the world the time of their lives. Provider Authentic Gaming came first with a live casino where you can play roulette in real casinos.


It would surprise you how often you have to deal with basically a good online casino but which ruins the user friendliness. You have to think of games via the tablet or mobile very slowly load and every few minutes slow down.

Or that you are in the live casino, in the middle of a game and you get and keep a black screen. Some online casinos do their best in this area, such as offering an App for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

Other online bookmakers offer useful features so you can easily find your favorite games by type of game and/or software so you can add them to your favorites.

Prevention Against Gambling Addiction

A serious online casino always has multiple ‘tools’ at its disposal so that their player can determine his or her gaming behavior in advance. Everyone has experienced an unlucky day once in a while, keeps losing time and time again, and keeps on pinning out of frustration.

If you set a deposit limit per day, week or month in advance, you will never gamble with more money than you had planned in advance.

Sometimes you’re just completely done with online gambling. In order not to cancel your intention to stop early, you can set a cooling-off period or have yourself permanently deregistered. The cooling off period can often be 24 hours, 7 days, 1 month, 1 year or permanent.

Customer Service

At first glance, the casino helpdesk does not seem important at all. Most players will never have any contact with it, because the better casinos have structured their processes so that account creation, depositing and payout are completely automatic.

However, if you do have a problem, you can always turn to our customer support team. You can determine the quality of customer support based on the following points:

  • How quickly will you be helped / get a response?
  • Until what time is the helpdesk open?
  • Can the employee help you directly or will you be referred?
  • How can you contact the helpdesk?
  • What languages do the employees speak?

We have noticed that the more knowledgeable an employee is and the faster they respond, the more professional the online casino will be. This doesn’t always work, but it often does. So this is a good point to take into account.

Online Casino Bonuses

There is no online casino that does not offer a welcome bonus. They are eager to welcome new players and to make you feel warm and welcome they sprinkle with bonuses. Unfortunately, not all bonuses are equally good and it is often a matter of reading through the terms and conditions (boring!) to find out what the ‘rules of the game’ of these bonuses are. In addition to the welcome bonus you also have the deposit bonus, reload bonus, cashback and a no-deposit bonus.

This doesn’t stop the fun. Many casinos also have so-called actions with games. Suppose they have a new slot machine in their range then most online casinos will be happy to give you 10 free spins. Or that you can get a higher payout with roulette on a certain number or that you can get a ticket that gives you access to an extra ‘lottery’ with high prizes.

What you also see more and more often are the VIP clubs. The idea behind them is simple: the more you play with money the more points you get in your player account. When you have reached a certain number of points, you go up one level. The points are often redeemable for nice bonuses and when you go up a level, this often goes together with receiving free money (to be paid out).


Now you don’t have to look, test and compare. When you choose a casino from our Top list, you’re assured of a good gaming offer, fair bonuses and fast payouts. With a little luck, you can win great prizes at the best online casinos. But beware, let a game always remain a game. Good luck and have fun.